The Last Gold Leaf

Indie Pop from Minneapolis, MN

It's been a while...

but we're still here. 

So, in case you didn't know, my wife and I recently released our joint effort Autumn Note Productions.

More about that in a moment. 

The last few years have brought about a lot of changes for me. Beginnings and endings. In fact, recently I've decided to invest more in this humble musical effort. This wasn't an easy decision to make. Particularly right now when things in this world are so uncertain: the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer. I was putting a lot of my time-eggs in a basket that didn't quite connect with my need to help people where they're at. 

So my wife and I have had an ongoing dialogue for a while. Where do we fit? It seemed that now, more than ever are messages of hope, love, forgiveness, and selflessness important. And we don't see much of that at a grand scale. There are small efforts if you're looking for them. A lot of people have awoken to the reality that the life and prosperity and opportunities that they have are not what others have. 

And so Autumn Note Productions. It's another humble beginning after an ending, one moment leading into the next. On a practical scale, it's an effort to bridge all of our disparate ventures: graphic design, poetry, essays, recording, live performance, social outreach, etc. But it's also an effort to give validity to the idea that fighting sometimes looks like love and appreciation.

In a way, this is what giving up looks like. Or maybe our way of giving ourselves over to the fact that we're tired. Tired of looking at people that are overlooked, misjudged, misguided, disenfranchised and feeling helpless. 

Autumn Note is our small effort at making the spaces and people in our lives just a little bit brighter. And maybe if we're lucky, people will respond in a way that allows us to grow this small effort into something bigger than us. 

Without further words from me: Autumn Note Productions