The Last Gold Leaf

Indie Pop from Minneapolis, MN

Noisetrade Feature and New Video

I'd like to announce that Noisetrade, the free music exchange website, has hand picked The Last Gold Leaf for the 'New and Noteable' artists section of their website. It's hand-curated and selected from the hundreds of artists that post new albums each month to their site and they invited us! If you haven't, roll on over to and download the EP as it has an exclusive bonus track you can't get anywhere else. Plus, it's free, so click on the link already.

To coincide with our Noisetrade promotion, I asked a few friends to help me make a video. I wanted to feature a song off of the EP, and we picked Drawn. In case you didn't see it on the front page, check it out below:

Enjoy the new music and the new video and spread the word! If you live in the Twin Cities area, we have a show on the 5th and Kara, featured in the video, will come armed with her own music to dazzle you with. Hop on over to the shows page for more info.


Derrick Keith

The Last Gold Leaf