The Last Gold Leaf

Indie Pop from Minneapolis, MN

Introducing: Lou Hill

Although I (Derrick Keith) am down-and-out in a few ways, we haven't stopped working on this current EP. Our good friend and music conspirator, Lou Hill dropped by our studio and we had the privilege to work with him. 

Lou is the kind of guy that is so talented and creative sometimes it's overwhelming thinking of ways to apply his talent. On our EP he's adding elements of organ, piano, and rhodes. This is a small sampling of the things he's capable of doing. I grew up going to church with this swingin' cat, and Lou plays drums, bass, piano and organ. His talent doesn't stop there though as Lou actually has his doctorate in Human and Computer Interaction, which I'm fairly certain equates to being a wizard with computers and programming. 

Example: I saw this guy for his thesis put on a light and video show driven only by music he played. He turned music into interactive sound and light. He's Gepetto and the wishing star in human form. I'm privileged to know him and we're blessed to have him on the album. Check the photo and if you wanted, his personal site:

El Chil laying down everything smooth