The Last Gold Leaf

Indie Pop from Minneapolis, MN

Urgent News: You'll Want To Read This

we're going to have to delay the release of our winter/spring EP.

i've been having trouble singing for about the past six months. we essentially have everything recorded (with the help of our incredible collaborators) and i sat down about a week ago to begin tracking vocals after giving my voice about a 5 week rest. i was unsuccessful at tracking anything i felt like i could use. after about an hour of struggling and on the verge of once again loosing my voice i went to see a specialist this past week that referred me to specialist for vocalists. they looked at my vocal cords and have found stiff areas that appear to be scar tissue. i'll be seeing a speech therapist first and working on exercises (essentially physical therapy) to help break down the scar tissue. after that, i'll be working with a vocal coach to regain the control and strength i've lost in those six months of destroying my voice. we're pretty bummed. i'm really bummed. as now we're sitting on a complete project that we can't release. 

our plan is to start the next batch of songs...

what we're going to do about it: fortunately we have no lack of material and all the recording and production up until this point, we've done ourselves. our plan is to start the next batch of songs, doing pre-production and begin tracking them in the meantime. We could essentially work them to a point where they could be simply waiting on vocals like these current tracks are and we could release the EPs separately or as a shorter album, or if we have enough material maybe we'll get ambitious and release it as an album. we're also brain-storming ideas on how to keep the music flowing, and how to keep you guys engaged musically because as enthralled as you are with our blog posts, you'd likely appreciate more music on the table. we would too. 

devin won't be joining us on bass anymore.

we also wanted to mention that devin won't be joining us on bass anymore. this is probably for the best as he's going to go back to school and has a myriad of other things vying for attention. but he'll be missed. devin is a really talented musician, a funny guy, and a good friend. we'll see him again. you might even see him again on one of our tracks, who knows.

we are looking to find someone that will contribute creatively to the band.

on that note, we are looking to find someone that will contribute creatively to the band. obviously most urgently on bass, but we've been looking for a guitarist/vocalist for some time. hopefully by now you've caught on to the collective theme we have as a band, and the more voices we have the better chance we have of reaching that goal. just let us know via the contact link on the site. 

sorry for the long update. we just wanted to share everything so you know we're still here! as always, let us know how we're doing, drop us a note, say hi, let us know you're listening, what you think of the music, the site, the pictures, or even just you.


derrick keith