The Last Gold Leaf

Indie Pop from Minneapolis, MN

Presenting: John Lemkuhul

Man. Our buddy John Lemkuhul just wrapped up tracking guitar on our song Drawn. It is SICK. John, you're a bad, bad, man. We cannot WAIT to show you the things he dazzled us with. His guitar sings, man. Such a chill guy. Working with him was great because he's so easy going and is just thrilled at the sound of his guitar. And that love comes out in every note he plays. What a joy to sit back and watch John lend his voice to the songs we have. 

Whew. Catchin' my breath. Okay, we've got a few more guest musicians and vocalists that we're trying to collaborate with before the end of this affair. 

Enjoy the sneak peak and rest assured, in time your ears will soon be blissfully assaulted. 

John's Focus