The Last Gold Leaf

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Super Great Recording Guitar GO Team NOW!

The title is for any Anime fans out there... Or even SNL fans.

Here's me recording guitar!

If you are not an audiophile, skip these next two paragraphs:

Observe Rick's Cascade Fathead II (with Lundahl Transformer) ribbon microphones in an x/y arrangement. It's something different I'm trying this time around. In the past, I used my Rode NTK to capture the body of the guitar between the sound-hole and the bridge, a dynamic mike such as my Shure Beta 58 with the windscreen removed to capture the sound between the twelfth fret and the body, as well as using a direct in. You can hear something I recorded with that arrangement here. Not great, not shabby. My childish grasp at compression is likely to blame for squeezing the performance out of the thing. But hey, I'm self-taught. 

For the last EP, Campfire Pop, our good friend Miles used a similar x/y pattern with two Audix ADX-51 small diaphragm condensers. Great all-around mics for a wide variety of applications. For that project we used them for the drum overheads, as well as capturing the guitars in an x/y configuration. I tried talking him into also capturing some of the guitar direct to add a little "sparkle". He didn't go for it. Which made the EP even more "Campfire-y" in my opinion. We didn't have any electric guitar. The most unnatural sound would be the Bass guitar, but Bass guitars rarely sound anything but organic. 

**editor's note: the audio captured from the guitar video is not the audio from the Cascade Mics**

So we've got a few more songs on Bass to nail down, then it's on to Electric Guitar. I'm excited to record Electric, half because I haven't done it since that Jade Lea project, and also because I want to try out a few new recording techniques.  

We're also scheming a few guest appearances by some other local musicians. As well as our Secret Cover!

Man. Lets hurry this thing up, so you can hear it already!


Derrick Keith

The Last Gold Leaf