The Last Gold Leaf

Indie Pop from Minneapolis, MN

Live Video, New Music, Behind the Scenes

Hey Everyone!

Rick, Devin, and I hope that everyone had a safe, fun and family-filled holiday season. We know that we did as even during the season we've continued writing, recording, and creating new music for you!

Rick Snyder's Christmas came early. He walked into recording with a brand new GoPro HD camera. It's pretty slick. I just got to see the footage it captures for the first time a moment ago in a clip Rick sent to me, and we thought we'd share it to you. Check it out:

We also began working on a cover song as a special treat. I've been told to keep under wraps just what song it is and just how we'll re-arrange it. Theatricality and deception are powerful agents. We think you'll love it, though! We're not the type to simply perform a song verbatim. After all, why would you want to hear a song played the same way by a different artist? We're big fans of adding our own touch; taking something familiar and re-interpreting it. This can be a pretty polarizing thing when it comes to things people love! (Batman movies, Beatle's songs, Chili) So we're looking forward to feedback. 

Finally, we present to you, the end product of our time with Live @ F5. Without further ado:

(In case you're wondering, yes that is a Nike Fuelband I'm wearing. Love it!)

I already spoke a little bit in length about how cool it was to work with these guys, but the video turned out great. Also, if you're in the Twin Cities area and are interested in filming, recording, consulting with a producer, etc, check them out!

We're hard at work trying to get the EP done as soon as possible. We've got a show in Chicago @ Quenchers breaking up our month on the 19th, but aside from that, we'll be in the studio trying to get this music into your hands as quickly as possible. Stay tuned!


Derrick Keith