The Last Gold Leaf

Indie Pop from Minneapolis, MN

Two Songs and a Video

Just uploaded a new video! We've had the video on hand for a while, but converting it was a little bit tricky. We finally cracked the code (thanks to a little Handbrake action) and have put it up for viewing pleasure in a crisp, 1080p. It's also EQ'd quite a bit better than most of the other audio in our videos are. 

Without Further Ado:

Also, I have a couple of demos to show you:

Just to give context to the songs:

Typically with the demos they're just to give my bandmates an idea of mood, pacing, dynamic and execution, a chance for them to become familiar with the song, and an opportunity for me to play around with the vocal arrangement. On my demos lately I've gotten all the way up to four part harmonies. 

Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?

Rick Snyder (Drums) also just ordered the final element of the mics we'll be using to record his drum kit. We'll update you more on the logistics in another post. But rest assured music building will begin shortly.