The Last Gold Leaf

Indie Pop from Minneapolis, MN

Live @ F5 Soundhouse

Earlier today the fellas and I had the pleasure of meeting and working with the staff at F5 Soundhouse. We went there for what their staff is calling "Live at F5". Basically, bands local to the Twin Cities area get to play a few songs in their slick recording studio (on their incredible equipment—more on that later), have the whole process filmed and recorded live in one take and then have a short interview afterward. The whole experience was a blast, and we loved meeting the staff. 

F5 Soundhouse is likely currently Minneapolis' newest music studio. On what feels like the outskirts of a business district in North East Minneapolis, their studio appears on the outside to be a modest little fixture business. Inside it's nothing short of music and audio Central Command. Man oh man. Their gear is top of the line. 

Davide and Donnie up to some digital alchemy. 

After brief introductions when we arrived, Davide Raso and Donnie Viera, two of the owners, gave us a quick tour of the studio which, I have to say, is pretty slick. Isolation rooms, a live drum room, gear galore... I think I went into a mild state of gear shock after seeing more than one piece of equipment that they own. 

We discussed what the best situation for setup should be as Rick was required to use their in-studio kit. Devin played bass directly into the recording console, and it's likely going to sound phenomenal due to the legendary Avalon preamps they own. According to the company's website, the Avalon "adds the sound of thousands of baby unicorns getting their wings to any track". Perhaps not. I probably made that up. But for those of you not musically inclined, baby unicorns sprouting wings is a good thing.

I essentially brought my whole setup to the show, guitar, amp, pedal board. It was then on to sound and line check.

Devin and his guitar, Sting, which glows blue when Rock is near.

Rick methodically preparing for his intense session

Isolated and alone...

"I wonder if I can turn off Keith's voice completely from here..."

After a brief line and level check, it was off to the races! The actual recording as a whole took less than fifteen minutes, so the first part went quick. Then it was on to our interview by the lovely Lilly. Needless to say, we nailed it. Just look at these smiles!

a look behind the scene 

The lovely Lilly shooting the breeze with Rick and I

F5 informed us it might be a few weeks before we get back the video of us performing the songs and the interview. We're excited to show you guys because this was a really special opportunity and we feel pretty lucky to have worked with the great staff at F5 Soundhouse.

Check them out here if you're interested in more info.