The Last Gold Leaf

Indie Pop from Minneapolis, MN

EP 2.0

Hey everybody! Just started laying down scratch tracks for the new EP. Rick and I were debating whether or not to have a code name for the album. Since the last album cover was red, maybe we'll code name this one "Blue".

It's going to be a little bit of a departure from our previous EP "Campfire Pop". It's less of a concept album, more of an assembly of similar songs. Its feel is certainly more intense and much darker, but we think the sound isn't entirely dissimilar from Campfire. There are moments, on that EP that musically hint at our current effort. 

Needless to say we're going to have a lot of fun and are really excited for everyone to hear the songs!

Tuning up!

Unlike the last EP we hope to have it done sometime this winter. I'm personally shooting for January but we'll see. Life happens, you know?

But stay tuned as we'll have more photos and videos. If you're interested in our audio equipment, curious about our songwriting process, have an interesting comment, or simply need to know you're not alone in the universe, shoot us an email or drop a word in the comment section below! We love feedback and hearing your thoughts!