The Last Gold Leaf

Indie Pop from Minneapolis, MN

The Last Gold Leaf blends the sensibilities of pop, the organic sounds of folk, the dynamic of rock, and the intimacy of soul to create a sound that is all at once driving, yet still retains its share of catchy hooks and smooth grooves.

It's important to speak the truth. Especially if it ain’t pretty.

The Last Gold Leaf is a passionate pop-rock phenomenon. Inspired by singer-songwriters like Sarah Bareilles and John Mayer. As a band, their goal is singular: to uplift others and have a great time doing it. The Last Gold Leaf is a project by award-winning singer-songwriter Keith Rollins, along with a revolving-door of musicians. 

For the last four years, The Last Gold Leaf have toured colleges, universities and breweries throughout the midwest. Featured on sites like Music and Mayhem and Noisetrade as selected artists, their latest EP Opaque has been released to critical acclaim. 


They are currently working on their 3rd EP for release this fall. To stay connected on news and updates, you're in the right place!

So speak the truth.

Their track, “I Won’t Quit You” is a catchy number; complete with all the hooks and grooves it needs to generate a little radio buzz.
— Justin O'Riley, Music and Mayehm
The style of [I Won’t Quit You] is great! The melody of the music is extremely current and very catchy.
— James Pemberton, Collum Entertainment Limited

[Who You Are is the] best song Ive heard on []! ...Finally! [The Last Gold Leaf] remind[s] me of Josh Rouse... This is serious stuff. Keep it up!
— -Jay Dmuchowski / Apex Productions, Written/Produced/Performed with : Rihanna, Chris Brown, Stevie Nicks, Lindsay Buckingham